@Play Amusement FAQ
1) How much does it cost to enter @Play Amusement?
     It is FREE to enter. Only customers that are going on attractions must      purchase a P.O.P. bracelet or individual Tickets. Click here for more      information.
2) Can I share a bracelet?
     No, P.O.P bracelet can only be worn by one person and must be put on by a      Redemption Representative. P.O.P bracelet will only be valid if it is worn on      the wrist or ankle.
3) What are the height requirements for the attractions?
     Information regarding height requirements can be found here. All children are      measured wearing their shoes (exception: If shoes have been altered in any way      than the child will be required to remove their shoes before being measured).
4) Are pets allowed at @PLAY Amusement?
     Only service animals approved by Park Safely are allowed inside @Play      Amusement.
5) Can I bring my own food into the park?
     NO outside food or beverages is allowed.
6) Where is the First Aid and Lost and Found?
     Located at Redemption Area.
7) How can I find out more information about a Birthday Party?
     Please visit the Birthday Party page or call our Certified Party Planner for      more information.
8) Are socks required?
     Yes must be worn to ride attractions.
9) Can I bring in my own cake?
     The only time cake is allowed is when you have booked a party with us.
10) Can I rent a room(s) or a table(s)?
     Our company policy does not allow outside food, drinks, or cake in the rest area      to celebrate birthdays. There is no exception to this rule.
11) When are you open?
     Please visit the Hours and Location page or call 631-815-5355.
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